About Us

Nova Metal Products Inc. is a CNC machining facility located in Eastlake, Ohio. We provide precision machining and assembly of products made of various metals and plastics. Nova Metal Products Inc. has expanded its machining capabilities to accommodate a broad range of industries such as the medical, flow controls, hardware, automotive and aircraft industries. Our CNC machines cover a wide range from which we can produce many sizes of parts with complex geometries. Additionally, an assembly department has been added in 2016 so that we can not only machine component parts, but now we can create a whole assembled product for our customers. In 2017 we expanded our buildings and purchased more machinery enabling us to accommodate our customers on a broader level of machining as well as grinding. We also updated our quality certification to ISO9001:2015. In 2018 Nova increased its customer base and completed renovations of its buildings.

To this day, Nova Metal Products, Inc. has been a family owned business that prides itself on its outstanding quality and customer service. Over the years our company has had a number of expansions and we have continued to grow and develop with new technology and new innovative ideas from multiple generations working together. With our continual investment in new equipment and technologies, as well as our employee welfare we expect Nova Metal Products, Inc. to thrive in the manufacturing industry and become a key company in manufacturing in Northeast Ohio.